Looking for an easy and
effective way to train your bar staff?
Training your staff is essential but challenging. In an industry with high staff turnover, this puts pressure on your existing, busy staff to share their knowledge.
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Introducing Hello Beer

Offering bite-size courses in an easily digestible, engaging format via a mobile app. Quickly bring your staff up to speed
to increase productivity, reduce wastage and deliver a great customer experience - meaning more customers,
more often and more money in your till!

1 in 3 pints served through
a dirty beer line*
£16,500 profit lost per pub when
1 in 3 pints served through dirty lines*
Over £13,000 revenue lost
per pub from badly poured pints**
** Average cost of wastage per pub based on 1 pint wasted per tap per day: Average price of a pint in the UK = £3.60 (The Good Pub Guide 2018, 7 September 2018) x Average number of taps per pub = 10 (BBPA Facts on Tap 2018) x 365 days

Hello Beer is a modern take
on bartender training

Allowing your staff to learn and practice in their own
time via the app on their mobile phone.

Quick and engaging learning experience
Video-based training condensed into
digestible size and length
Tool boxes with easy how-to guides for
point-of-need learning
Range of topics covering pouring, beer,
cider, glass, and cellar management
Eight courses that can be used on the go - or
download to complete offline
Online certificates issued on course
completion to show achievement

Pubs investing in staff training are reducing wastage
and improving the customer experience

With the huge impact that social media has on today’s on-trade, online and word-of-mouth recommendations have never been so important. Pubs offering great service will attract and retain customers, meaning good cellar management and staff training is an investment worth making.

Add pubs, invite new learners and view
training overview all in one dashboard.

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Easy management

Add any pubs you manage and invite staff members in a few simple steps

Simple progress tracking

View the training progress of your staff in a clear, easy-to-understand format

On the go

Manage your account, invite learners and view progress using any device